Fresh Cuts

close up of nest thermostat

Smart Savings

Smart thermostats offer fresh ways to save energy and money. Control temperature with your phone – at home or away. Set a heating and cooling schedule to match your lifestyle. Smart thermostats are now an even smarter buy with a $75 incentive from Focus on Energy.

mge generators

Generation for Generations

On his way to work, Lue passes MGE’s Blount Station. Built in 1902, this 100-megawatt (MW) power plant has experienced many changes over the years. It was the first gas engine central station in the country. In 1915, the original generator building was remodeled and a 10-MW turbo generator installed. A construction project in the late 70s added the capacity to burn refuse-derived fuel. It was one of the first such projects in the country and more successful than most. MGE retired 90-MW of older, less efficient capacity in 2011 when it discontinued burning coal as part of its Energy 2015 plan. Transitioning away from coal into a cleaner energy future continues today as part of Energy 2030.

FUN FACT The GENRE 2030 icon incorporates a falcon in its design. Blount is home to a peregrine falcon nesting box. It was installed in 1999 and 10 years later the first falcons arrived.

genre icon

barber clippers

Cutting Costs

One of the easiest ways to save energy is by cutting appliance operating costs. We used a portable energy meter to find out how much it costs to run a pair of barbering clippers for a month. Grand total? A little over $1. You can measure how much energy your home devices use. Just borrow a meter free of charge from your local public library.

Lue the Barber

About the Barber

Lue is a barber. He lives in Madison, Wisconsin and likes Muhammad Ali, basketball and jazz.