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Space Heater

Horror Heat

Using an electric space heater can be one of the most expensive ways to heat your home. In fact, electric heat can cost four times as much as natural gas! Check out this video of how fast your meter spins when using electric heat. If that isn’t scary enough, all space heaters carry a safety risk. There are some rules you have to follow. First of all, turn them off when not in the room or sleeping. Second, only buy a unit with a tip-over switch. But the most important rule, the rule you can never forget: No matter how much it runs, no matter how cold it gets, never touch the heating element in a space heater.

Phantom Power

Phantom Power

We don’t want to alarm you, but your house is probably haunted… Haunted by standby energy, that is! TVs, game consoles and computers can use energy even when powered off. The standby costs alone can be downright spooky: $60-120 per year! Fortunately there are ways to save. Unplug devices when not in use. Use a power strip. Check out an energy meter from your nearest library. Get a free energy conservation pack from Focus on Energy. Go next level like Bria and use a home energy monitor for more control over your energy use. MGE is partnering with Sense Labs, the maker of the Sense home energy monitor, to explore this new technology with some of our customers.

Halloween Lighting

Fright Light

Scaring up energy savings is no problem with LED lighting. LEDs use up to 95 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. The seasonal electric cost for a string of decorative LED lights is about 25 cents. Older holiday bulbs can cost over $8. In addition to its freakish energy efficiency, LEDs have other benefits. They can last up to 11 years – that’s ten times longer than conventional bulbs! LEDs are also safer, sturdier and easy to use. Watch this video to see what's out there for Halloween.


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